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La Ventana Classic – January 16-20, 2019

16 Nov , 2018  

This winter escape to warm weather and good times. Enjoy the La Ventana Classic, a raucous, adventurous and unique windsport/paddle sport event. Set for January 16-20, 2019 in Baja Sur, Mexico, at a stunning event site situated between the azure Sea of Cortez and rustic foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range.

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LV Classic raises 35K sending local students to high school

26 Jan , 2018   Gallery

Our team headed down to La Ventana, Baja Mexico to participate in this week-long extravaganza filled with good people, great food, kite races, sup downwinders and much more. We wanted to extend a special thank you to Marina Chang and her team as well as Tim Holter From Palapas Ventana for continuing to put on this wonderful event for a great cause.


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Ella Nutella Johnson’s LV Classic Experience

24 Jan , 2018  

“It’s for the kids!” This past week, athletes from all over the world came together in the small town of La Ventana, Baja California Sur, to raise a record number of over $35,000 (USD, not Pesos!). All the proceeds go towards supporting the local schools and education system.

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10th Annual La Ventana Classic January 17-21

3 Jan , 2018   Video

Get ready for the 2018 La Ventana Classic!

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10 Feb , 2017   Gallery

Nine years in the making the LV Classic has been an event to raise money for the local up and coming generation of children in La Ventana, Baja California Mexico. This year the LV Classic met their goal by raising more than 25 thousand US dollars to go toward educating these young individuals who would not be able to receive a proper education otherwise.


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EVENT: La Ventana Classic & Kitexpo in Baja, Mexico – January 25-29

6 Dec , 2016   Video

F-One & Manera will be in town for the month and will be fully outfitted with 2017 gear available to demo. Our Kite, Paddle and Foil Range has expanded and is a must see. Complete event information can be found at


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La Ventana Classic Event Recap

14 Jan , 2016   Gallery

The LV Classic was a great start for everyone who participated and we look forward to the next event!