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HALO Harness – Stormy

24 Jan , 2023   Video

Explore the latest color addition to the Halo Harness: Stormy.

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Explore the Magnet Carbon 2023

25 Dec , 2022   Video

The strapless revolution continues with the MAGNET CARBON V2.

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TKB Review: MAGNET “featherweight piece of technology to go next level”

7 Jan , 2021  

From the second you pick up the Magnet Carbon in hand it is obvious that this board is purpose-built for maximizing your strapless freestyle pleasure. Featherweight and thin with a wide and boxy surface area, if you were doing single front rolls before, with the Magnet you’ll be landing double fronts. The Magnet is a piece of technology designed to push strapless freestyle evolution and give you all the tools to reach the next level.

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