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SurferToday: How Justine Dupont Stormed the Big Wave Surfing World

12 May , 2022  

Justine Dupont is one of the most versatile and well-rounded female surfers on the planet. Here’s how she stormed the big wave surfing world.

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Teahupoo Seen from the Inside

17 Mar , 2022   Video

Justine, Ian and Fred met in Tahiti to experience the dream wave of Teahupoo.

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SALTY MEMORIES – Justine Dupont

22 Dec , 2021   Video

During a stormy session in Nazaré last winter, everyone abandoned and went back home, but Justine Dupont didn’t. She stayed out there with her team and braved the storm. Find out how they got rewarded.

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Analyzing Justine Dupont’s January 16th Ride at Jaws

1 Jun , 2021   Video

Former Surfer Magazine editor Sam George comments on Justine Dupont’s extraordinary performance at Peahi on January 16th, 2021.

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Justine Dupont’s crazy big wave rides at Mavs and Jaws

2 Feb , 2021  

Manera’s Big Wave surfer ambassador Justine Dupont has been on total fire in her wild tour on the west coast, from Mavericks to Todos Santos then on to Maui where she caught the biggest barrel of her life tow surfing Jaws on Super Swell Saturday (Jan 19, 2021). Conditions have been absolutely EPIC and that all started at Mavericks back in December. Check out her massive barrel and also a recap of her tour (in French) below.

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Manera welcomes big wave charger Justine Dupont to its surfing team

24 Jan , 2020   Video

MANERA is proud to welcome Justine DUPONT to the MANERA Surf Team: Justine is an awesome surfer and human being in general, her philosophy and commitment really stick to MANERA values and we are super stoked to have such a character as our women athlete