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IKSURFMAG: Charles Brodel Interview

10 Feb , 2022  

IKSURFMAG interviews Charles Brodel about his riding background, perspective on kite foiling, gear of choice, and what makes his style so unique!

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TKB REVIEW: GRAVITY V3 1500 “landmark addition to the Gravity offering”

23 Jun , 2020  

As for its intended use, the 1500 seems like a top choice for wingsurfing and prone foilsurfing, but it would probably also be a fun wing for carve and wave-focused kitefoilers. We didn’t get a complete sense of the 1500’s foilsurfing pumping drive, but our feeling is that for foilsurfers looking to connect waves with pump-backs, the 1500 will keep the party going if you start with high-speed, but the Phantom line of wings may offer better pure pump performance. The 1500 is probably perfect for small and medium-sized riders, but bigger riders will want to move up in size to the 1800. Beginners will do fine on the 1500 but can always consider starting with the older stabilizer for extra directional stability. One thing is for sure—the new Gravity 1500 fills an important hole in the Gravity line, and along with the new stabilizer, we’d consider it a landmark addition to the Gravity offering. In terms of size and spot-on performance, we’d put the 1500 on our top list to demo when thinking about your next wingsurfing or prone surfing foil.

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Tested: F-One’s New IC6 Hydrofoil “Very Impressive”

19 Apr , 2018   Gallery

Two of the industries top Kite Magazines have reviewed our new IC6 Hydrofoil! This NEW Technology enables us to mix carbon fibers with an injected base material to reach a unique blend of characteristics, combining the strength of carbon fibers with a bombproof base material. The IC6 Technology offers great resistance and stiffness with extreme durability.

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Extreme San Diego Kiteboard Invitational October 19-22, 2017

17 Oct , 2017  

F-One Foil Racers Joey Pasquali and Riley Gibbs will be attending the Extreme Sailing Invitational in less than 3 days and counting! We are looking forward to this event and can’t wait to see the action. All event information can be found at!


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Iksurfmag tests the Hybrid 800 Kitefoil “Having that float and volume makes learning so much easier”

28 Apr , 2017   Video

F-One have really stepped up their hydrofoil game for 2017 and they were pretty devoted to it last year too. They now offer a huge range of foils not just for kitesurfing, but also for SUP and windsurfing! The Freeride 90/800 set up is an easy to use platform that has been designed to offer enough performance to keep you interested for a long period of time, while still being very forgiving.

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CATALOG: F-One 2016 FOIL Collection

6 May , 2016  


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“Tried And Tested” Iksurfmag checks out the 2016 F-ONE Foil

15 Aug , 2015  


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Joey Pasquali takes on 105 ft Trimaran!

2 Jul , 2015  

If you haven’t seen yet, this is a must read! Team rider Joey Pasquali takes on a 105′ Maxi Trimaran. What a beautiful boat! Thank you to for the awesome pics and article!

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