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DIABLO V5 Approved as Formula Kite Registered Series Production Equipment

15 Jul , 2020  

Following a successful factory inspection, the following Diablo V5 kites have been approved by the IKA Technical Committee as registered series production equipment for the IKA Formula Kite Class.

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Noah Runciman is the new U19 South American Kite Foil Race Champ

26 Nov , 2019  

Young gun and F-One America Team Rider Noah Runciman is just back from a quite successful trip to South America where he attended some foil racing competition. He will soon head to Spain to train and compete in the Spanish Championship in Tarifa. Noah is racing on Diablo V3 kites.


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Jon Modica 2nd Place in Fall Kite Foil Regatta on Diablo V3

6 Nov , 2017  

St. Pete Fall Kite Foil Regatta Florida Kite Racing League: November 3 – 5, 2017 F-One National Racer Jon Modica V3 Feedback The Diablo V3 is by far the best foil kite I’ve flown. While the V2 was an improvement on the V1, it had some downsides. The V3 took the better qualities of the V1 […]

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Introducing DIABLO v3

12 Jul , 2017  

F-ONE’s third generation of ram-air kite, the DIABLO v3 is the result of an always evolving design work. This new version combines the ease of use that made the v1 so successful with the performances needed to challenge for a world champion title. The DIABLO v3 had a great start: 1st time on the water […]


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10 Nov , 2016   Gallery

The DIABLO v1 burst onto the scene last year, winning top races all year long and praise from everyone who flew it. For 2017, the DIABLO V2. goes even further, it is now the ultimate racing weapon. Check out the designer(s) story on the Diablo, what is new for the V2 and some first impressions […]

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F-One kite racers on top with DIABLO v2 during the Fall Foil Regatta in St. Petersburg, Florida

8 Nov , 2016  

Riley Gibbs, the youngest member of our national team, took first place during the Fall Foil Regatta and left nothing to its concurrents with 8 bullets on 9 races ! Overall, it was a great showing for the F-One Team Riders with Zach Marks second and Jon Modica third, all of them riding the new DIABLO V2 in various conditions. Elite Watersports’s owner Aaron McClearnon finished I asked Riley to send back his impressions of the week end:

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F-One Race Team Collect the Podiums

18 Oct , 2016  

Equipped with their DIABLO V.2. and their FURTIVE V.1. kites Maxime Nocher, Axel Mazella and Titouan Galea haven’t left any room for others on the podiums.

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How it Works: DIABLO Bridles

7 Dec , 2015  

The first time you use a RAM Air Kite, the DIABLO in our case, it can be pretty intimidating, with all those bridles everywhere, 4 full lines total A + B + C + Brakes (D), the speed system, etc… Here is a clear schema of the whole setup, how it works and what to do if the Diablo does not fly properly because one line has stretched too much.


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25 Aug , 2015   Video

Team rider Joey Pasquali is currently leading the rankings on the Diablo Kite and F-ONE Foil board in the San Francisco Thursday Night Race series. Joey also placed 4th in the 2015 Kitefoil Goldcup! Read more about the 2016 F-ONE DIABLO !