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Stay in style! Episode #13 – David Tonijuan

26 Jun , 2018   Video

Also known as “Handel”, David Tonijuan “Handel” has always been riding, whether it is a skate, snowboard, surf or wakeboard… His incomparable style is inspired by the other sports he has practiced, which makes him a rider worth watching when he hits the water!


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Video: David Tonijuan Kite-Skate

30 May , 2018   Video

A longboard skateboard session turns into a Kite-Skate session with F-One rider David Tonijuan!


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F-One Event Recap, 2017 BOTG Stevenson, WA

26 Jul , 2017   Video

Awesome weekend at the 2017 Bridge of the Gods Kitefest in Stevenson WA. Riders David Tonijuan from Barcelona, Spain and Set Texeira from Brazil representing F-One in the Pro Freestyle Division.

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VIDEO: David Tonijuan In Action

13 Feb , 2017   Video

New video release from F-One Freestyle / Wakestyle rider David Tonijuan titled – ONE! Marking his ONE Year with the F-ONE Family we look forward to more action from David. His gear of choice has been the Trax Lite Tech 140 with boots and the Bandit X Kite!!

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21 Dec , 2016  

F-One riders shining at the WKL in New Caledonia! Congratulations to Set Teixeira, David Tonijuan and Pauline Valesa for their exceptional performances.

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