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9 Feb , 2017  

F-ONE has launched an instagram contest called #VALENKITESDAY . They will be giving away 2 ACID Boards for “Valenkitesday” on Instagram!


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Bridge of the Gods wrap-up

13 Aug , 2013  

In its 13th year, the Bridge of the gods kiteboarding competition is the longest running amateur kiteboarding competition in existence. This year brought some new additions including a pro and lady grom division.

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2011 PKRA Schedule has been released

2 Feb , 2011  

The 2011 PKRA schedule has been released with many stops in all 3 disciplines, Freestyle, Wave and Course Racing.


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Photo Contest! Win a F-One Dry Shirt

25 May , 2010  

Submit a personal photo that best captures the F-One lifestyle and you will have a chance to win a F-One Dry Shirt every month.

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