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Battle of the Bay 2017 : Fun times and world class racing around iconic landmarks

25 Sep , 2017   Gallery

Battle of the Bay 2017 : As told by F-One & Bluerush Team Rider John PM Hadley (known also as the Prius Man thus the PM). More coverage from Sup Racer (drone footage, full replay of the awesome live coverage): One of the best, and most underrated races, takes place every September along the San […]


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27 Mar , 2017   Gallery

The F-One America Team had a strong showing at the 31st Annual SC Paddle fest this past weekend. International paddlers Poenaiki Raioha and Josh Riccio flew in from Tahiti and Hawaii and score one podium each on the Elite 15k race (Josh Riccio) and on the Elite Surfing competition (Poenaiki). Kitsy Nipper (13 years old), […]

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Bluerush powered by F-One & Manera

20 Mar , 2017  

Bluerush, F-One & Manera in North America today announced a partnership to take Standup Paddleboarding (SUP), Kiteboarding and Foiling to the next level in Northern California.

F-One & Manera will soon be opening a flagship store at the Bluerush location in Sausalito, CA. In 2017 and beyond, Bluerush and its partners will continue to support world class events such as the Battle of the Bay / Watersport Festival, Molokai 2 Oahu, Crissy Kite Race Series, APP Tour, and regional events such as the Santa Cruz Paddlefest (March 24-26th) and the SUP Race Series in the Richardson bay. The Bluerush team will now be competing using F-One & Manera equipment and gear.


EVENT RECAP: 5th annual Battle of the Bay San Francisco, CA

20 Oct , 2015   Gallery

“Thanks everyone and stay tuned for exciting new changes for Battle of the Bay 2016!!” –Battle of the Bay

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Joe Pasquali wins the 2015 Bluerush Kite Race Series

6 Oct , 2015  

After 12 nights of a fierce battle on the water between team rider Joey Pasquali (F-One & Manera) and Johnny Heineken (Ozone), Joey claimed the title and wins the coveted Bluerush Thursday Night Race Series. Only after the final race of the final night did the winner was decided, and the difference was only 1 point ! The official ceremony will be held at the St Francis yacht Club in the coming weeks. We want to congratulate Joey for a fantastic season so far and wish him good luck for the Kite Foil Gold Cup in Australia. We also want to congratulate Seth Besse, another Bay Area F-One rider for finishing a very respectable 4th place behind Stefaans Viljoen.

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Dealer Spotlight: BLUERUSH in Sausalito, CA

18 Apr , 2015  

There aren’t a lot of dedicated SUP shop in Northern California and Bluerush is a standout, especially in the Bay Area. We are proud that they have decided to carry F-One and Manera in their new shop in Sausalito. They cater to the flat waters of the Bay (perfect for racing and touring) but also to the wave riding spots such as Bolinas or Dillon Beach in the Northern Coast. They just received a fresh batch of the all around Manawa but also the surf oriented Madeiro and Anakao boards. They will also get soon enough the race boards. Do not hesitate to contact them if you want to demo or get a F-One board and/or Manera accessories.

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Bluerush announces the 5th Battle of the Bay – October 17/18 2015

30 Mar , 2015  

Below is the official press release from Bluerush announcing the 5th Battle of the Bay – October 17/18 2015. For last year event, F-One was a proud sponsor of this amazing event with F-One Pro team racer Arthur Daniel finishing 2nd. We hope Arthur can come back this year and push for the top spot ! We are also proud to have Bluerush as a certified F-One dealer in Sausalito. If you live or just happened to pass in the area, pay a visit to Bluerush. They have one of the best SUP shop in the Bay Area.