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SBC Awards BANDIT 7 Most Versatile All-Terrain Kite

25 Mar , 2014  

The Bandit VII is similar to last year’s model, but this version has a more crisp and light feel, with flying character that’s easy to love right away. The depower is excellent and comes on within arm’s reach, and the Bandit VII has great range and stability through the gusty winds – See more at:

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TKB Review: 2014 F-ONE Bandit

13 Feb , 2014   Gallery

“I was surprised by how well the bigger sizes responded and went upwind really well yet had good drift. This is a great kite for the Gorge” “Great all around, fast turning, stable, really fun and user friendly” Easy to boost, great lift with fast turning and quick flying speed with plenty of low end,”

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The 2014 Bandit 7 is Snowkite Approved!

21 Dec , 2013  

Tyler Brown from Sierra Snowkite Center reviews the 2014 Bandit 7! Find out why this is Tyler’s kite of choice!

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23 Nov , 2013  

Check out the 2014 Bandit Seven kite video, Probably the most versatile kite on the planet!!

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