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High Wind Test: BANDIT Size 5 and 7m

9 Aug , 2017   Gallery

The Bandit has nice medium bar pressure that gives the rider solid feedback on kite placement and in underpowered conditions, you will detect oversheeting fairly quickly. For lift and hangtime, the smaller sizes will deliver solidly in the explosive boost category and will give you some hangtime but the latter is not really what you expect from small kites. Overall, the Bandit is a very fast, responsive all arounder that our team found to work extremely well in high wind surf.


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14 Feb , 2017  

In its 10th year, the Bandit has been through a number of big and small changes that have made it one of the industry’s most successful examples of a kite that does-everything well. The Bandit’s classic medium aspect 3-strut Delta shape was the first of its kind back in the day and it has since evolved into one of the top leading delta-shaped kite that meets the needs of riders in the freestyle, freeride and surf category.


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Focus: Bandit 10th Edition

6 Sep , 2016   Video

10 years already ! what a ride we are having with the Bandit, the flagship kite from F-one. For its 10th edition, Robert Graham, Micka Fernandez and Raphael Salles spent 200 days testing 70 different prototypes to reach the final design. Featuring once again some significant improvements, this kite will amaze you time after time!

2017 refinements

a new squarer outline
less lateral pull for a new level of comfort
a smooth, homogeneous but powerful traction
speed and acceleration are under control
an efficient and reassuring stability even when over-powered
light, maneuverable and predictable
improved and easy hangtime

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2017 Kiteboarding Collection: Endless Playground

27 Aug , 2016   Video

It’s official ! the F-One 2017 Kiteboarding collection is now out and they’re is a lot to offer. See it all in action in the latest video, the Endless Playground, then keep on scrolling to check out the kite, board and foil options.

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10 Feb , 2016   Gallery

TKB Reviews The 2016 Bandit 9th edition, and we are excited with what we hear! “Fast and steady with control on demand. Like a bandit outta hell, this thing’s got speed.” Read the full comprehensive review from TKB testers here!

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“If you want a well-tuned and perfected kite” look no further! Check out Issue #49 of IKSURFMAG

17 Feb , 2015  

“In recent years the kite has seen tweaks to the design rather than a radical overhaul and that is true once again for 2015. It is a three-strut kite with a definite C-Shape arc, whilst still retaining the Delta characteristics that changed the face of kitesurfing all those years ago.” – iksurfmag


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TKB Tester: The Bandit stole my vote for best kite of the day

10 Feb , 2015  

TKB Review: 2015 F-ONE BANDIT February 10, 2015 Source: http://www.thekiteboarder.com/2015/02/tkb-review-2015-f-one-bandit-2/ F-ONE Bandit Sizes Available: Sizes Tested: F-one Says: The 2015 Bandit has undergone a complete redesign in terms of fabric usage, layout, while improvements in the canopy profile and a brand new 4-point bridle offer greater stability, a clean and direct bar feeling with more forward traction […]


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The 2015 F-ONE Product Videos are LIVE ! Check them out !

3 Feb , 2015   Video

2015 is officially here and so is all the new gear!! Check out the full line-up of product videos from F-ONE avaiable now!

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Kiteboarder Mag: 2015 F-One Buyer’s Guide

30 Jan , 2015  

F-One refines their kites for 2015 while adding subtle changes to their twin tip boards and the surfboards received a big upgrade in construction

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REVIEW: LTD Watersports tests the 17m BANDIT 8 “best light wind kite we have tested for 2015”

16 Dec , 2014   Video

A good light wind kite can make all the difference increasing your number of days on the water. The NEW 17 meter Bandit 8 is available now! LTD Watersports says it’s “it’s the best light wind kite they have tested for 2015” Check out the full review…

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Get the inside SCOOP with Brian Friedmann on the 2015 BANDIT 8!

30 Oct , 2014   Gallery

Trying the 2015 Bandit back to back with last year’s model really tells the story and I found that the Bandit 8 really shined in turning speed and power over last year’s model. It was very noticeable… Get the inside scoop with F-ONE rider Brian Friedmann


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Discover the 2015 F-One Bandit 8 kite in 3D

10 Aug , 2014   Video

Once again the new Bandit will amaze you, and is poised to keep its legendary status as the most versatile high performance kite on the market