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How to Choose Your Kite?

28 Oct , 2022  

How to choose between our seven inflatable kites and two Ram air kites. Our 2023 collection covers all disciplines, conditions, and an extensive wind range.

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F-ONE BANDIT – 15th Anniversary – The Duel

9 Aug , 2021  

For 15 years the BANDIT has been kiters’ best companion. Watch Liam Whaley and Mitu Monteiro battle it out on their BANDIT of choice.

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First Impressions: BANDIT S2

30 Sep , 2020  

We have just received our first batch of BANDIT S2 and because of Covid, we have had no opportunities to test it out with the F-One team ahead of its release. So we were pretty excited and mother nature was nice and rewarded us with strong wind and a good first swell of the fall season. That was my first time going back to Waddell in a while and the devastation after the fires that have engulfed so many areas in the state and on the San Mateo and Santa Cruz coastline is pretty shocking. We have had numerous people we know that have lost a good chunk of their properties and for some their house and I could not help but think of how crazy this year has been. Going to the water is always the best way to clear our minds. So here are our first impressions with the S2 and they are GOOD!

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BANDIT S2: Take your wave riding to the next level

13 Sep , 2020   Video

Second edition of the BANDIT S, with major improvements to take wave riding, strapless freestyle or even foiling to the next level!

The BANDIT S2 is reactive, light and drivey. Highly responsive, intuitive and capable of super drift, enjoy the easy to fly nature of the kite and its impeccable handling in all conditions!

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