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Why We Chose Bamboo for Manera’s New Changing Poncho

9 Jun , 2021  

While changing ponchos have become more commonplace in the surf world, we set out to make it a warmer, softer, cleaner and greener product.

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TKB REVIEW: 2020 F-ONE SLICE BAMBOO “appeals to an audience broader than just surf”

16 Apr , 2020  

The Slice does an excellent job of balancing a quick and skatey feeling that encourages aggressive strapless freestyle with reliable carving and control that delivers fun freeride cruising and smooth lines in small and medium surf.” Tkb Staff


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Tutorial: Front side off the lip with Alec Dektor

14 May , 2012   Video

The basic frontside off the lip is every rider’s introduction to riding a wave with a kite. A good top turn involves a lot of timing between your kite, your board position, and the wave and it can take some time to pull it all together.


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Banana hammocks and caipirinhas

13 Jan , 2011  

F-One America team spent 10 days in Brazil to present the 2011 collection. This is the story of the trip documented in The Kiteboarder magazine.

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Kiting in the surf – weapons of choice

10 May , 2010  

Brian Friedmann is one of the best rider at Wadell and has extensive knowledge and experience for riding in the waves. Very interesting insights…

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