2011 F-One

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How fast can you go on your kiteboard?
Interview with Raphael Salles about the 2011 Acid - new school freestyle dedicated board.
In navigation, the VOLT gives you confidence because it provides an early and progressive traction during the first meters with a constant power that you can kill at any time. Controlling your speed and keeping your trajectory is excellent.
"The F-One Bandit is a real standout in the unhooked, and powered freestyle category."
You can find all the information you need about the 2011 products, download user manuals, read updates from our team riders, videos and much, much more!
3rd line kit tutorial for the Source. We are offering a free 3rd line kit for any purchase of a complete Source kite, which greatly improve the relaunching ability. Ask your dealer for more info.
It combines all the qualities of the Bandit IV to the easiness of use of the Revolt.
Alex Caizergues spent new year in Isla de Coche, a small island in front of Isla Margarita, in Venezuela. He sent us back some great pics...
For 2011, F-One Twin Tips line is composed of the TRAX 132/134/136/138/140 - TX 134/136 - ACID 127/130/132 - SK8 132/134
Julian Hosp, F-One team rider, did a video presentation of the new 2011 Airlite bar, and showing us how to trim it, use the freestyle setup, and some more tips of how to use it properly and safely!