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Spotlight: OZZY’s KITESCHOOL in La Ventana, Baja

29 Jan , 2019  

Nicolas Ostermann, Bay Area Kitesurf: I have known Ozzy for as long as I have been going to La Ventana, in Baja, back in 2006. At first, he was the only local kiteboarder there, born in raised in La Ventana ! I remember vividly seeing him doing freestyle moves on the very first F-One Acid carbon board; he was first an instructor and then decided to launch his own kite school. He now has 4 x full time instructors and an assistant that can pick up guests via a quad or a jet ski. He recently built a super nice office to receive guests, on the main road that he shares with his wife’s business, in a great location, right behind Baja Joes and Ventana Windsport. He has been teaching my kids and many others, and is one of the best instructor I have met. His crew is highly skilled, which includes his son Ziggy who is following in his dad’s footsteps; and Luis Diego, the best local freestyler who recently won the La Ventana Classic freestyle contests. Luis is also a F-One & Manera rider. With Ozzy’s KiteSchool, you are in very good hands and you will be using the latest F-One and Manera gear.  He is an exclusive F-One and Manera school. We support and help as much as we can the development of schools like Ozzy’s as well as young and local riders. 

Ozzy's Kite School

We caught up with Ozzy this past Christmas and asked him a few questions:

  • How and when did you learn how to kiteboard? I learned in 1998 from David Tyburski. Ground lesson first, then I took a kite and right away I knew It was going to be my way
  • How do customers contact you If they need lessons? Our customers contact us mainly by recommendations, by our Facebook page Ozzys Kiteschool and also via our website
  • What type of lessons do you give? We do beginners, intermediate to advanced lessons. We also do advanced pro with Luis Diego and also kite foil. We also have a jet ski if needed. Downwinders are also in demand
  • You are now and exclusive F-One school. How did you end up in that situation? We are an exclusive and proud F-One kite school . We ride the gear every day and loved it ever since we got in a great friendship with Nico Ostermann, Bruce Johnson, and now with Billy Ackerman… and our families as well
  • When does the season start/end in La Ventana: Season starts mid October and pretty much ends in April. We keep teaching and kiting for the summer season in the city of La Paz BCS, which is 45mn away from La Ventana
  • How many instructors do you have? We are 4 instructors and one assistant. Our method is based on safety first with the goal to make our students self aware of situations and good riders with strong basics. We do it in a fun and natural way


Google Map:

Rider: Morgan Ostermann – 11 Years Old – Instructor: Luis Diego

jet ski support

F-One Breeze Kite – One Strut super light and great for teaching