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South East Demo Tour 2018

16 Oct , 2018  

F-One America SE Demo Tour 2018 – Texas – Florida

Kite / Surf / Foil / Paddle

Its nearing the end of 2018 and 2019 is basically here! We have lots of new gear – models, makes and sizes we want to show you.

The F-One Van will be heading East from San Francisco and stopping at tons of locations along the way to Florida, check out our list and schedule to see where you can catch up and chat gear with our reps and riders.

We will be loaded down with our new Gravity Surf Foils 1200 and 1400 wings along with the new Rocket Series Surfs and Sups. These are Foil surfing specific boards and have been a hot commodity this year so far. Check out or recent Southern California foil surfing demo tour to catch an early glimpse > Link.

New Kite Gear has arrived – Bandits, Breezes, twin tips, surfs and kite foils will all be in the van along with loads of new Manera harnesses and accessories.

Check out our schedule, ask us questions and come find us along the way. We look forward to meeting you at your local spot! Schedule is tentative and could change due to weather conditions- stay up to date with our daily location updates on Facebook, or contact a South East Dealer near you.

Have Questions? Email us, call us, or follow our Facebook events page to find out where we will be daily!

Phone: +1 (415) 763-7460

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