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SoCal Ambassador Kostas Psounis Scores Big South Swell in San Carlos, Baja

28 Jun , 2016  

The BAKS Ambassador team is in full force constantly testing out the latest and greatest F-One & Manera Gear! One of our Ambassador from Southern California, Kostas Psounis, was in San Carlos (Baja, California) the same week we had the 2016 Mitu Monteiro Wave Camp, for an insane week of wind and big south swell.

After Clark Merritt from Solosports Adventure Holiday’s captured these magazine quality images of Kostas, we decided to put together a Ambassador Spotlight and ask Kostas a few questions. Keep Shredding Kostas, we look forward to a session with you soon!

Full Ambassador interview below:

Ambassador: Kostas Psounis

Where do you typically ride at home?
County line, South of Zero’s (south of Nicholas Canyon beach), Cst, Jalama, Ts (south of Jalama)

How do you decide it’s worth it to drive all the way down to San Carlos from the LA area?
Surfline.com wave forecast for Punta Baja must be at least double overhead S swell with at least 16 seconds period, Buoyweather.com wind forecast for Punta San Carlos must be at least 18 knots average wind.


Where do you stay in San Carlos and why?
Solosports: good food and drinks, Internet, hot shower, easy launch and land on high tide, good company, plus it’s not worth the hassle to make arrangements to stay at the bluff for just a few days.

How were the condition this past week?
As good as it gets at Punta San Carlos, with two double overhead days at the Chili Bowl and good wind. I have seen it bigger, but still it was super great.


Board of choice: Mitu 5’8’’, 2016 model, the board that does it all!

Kite of choice: Bandit 8m/6m depending on low/high wind, 2016 model, no need for any other size no matter the wind force! (my height and weight: 5’8’’, 158lb)


Learn more about the Mitu Pro Surfboard and the Bandit Kite!