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Introducing F-One Foilboards

3 Nov , 2014   Gallery

Here it is, the first piece of the F-One foil kite package, the boards ! Because as you may recall you need a board to foil, with a specific box to attach your mast. Talking of which, the mast will follow suite, and the foil as well. We will keep you updated. For now, this is what I can tell you about that board:

  • Dedicated foil board size is 5’1 x 20″ and weight is right under 8 lbs
  • Construction is bamboo sandwich so it’s strong against impact and rigid, two qualities you need for a foil board
  • Mast box is the new standard Kitefoil Box or K-F Box
  • Steep single concave is there to absorb when you come down and to facilitate an early planning
  • F-One will also release limited editions of the Mitu 5’6, 5’8 and 5’10 surfboards with a K-F box so you will be able to jump from foil to wave riding !
  • Board is just gorgeous !

Last Update April 5, 2015F-One Foiling Program off to a great start at the Kitefoil Gold Cup


F-One Foilboard 5'1

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