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Sizing Down to the Rocket Surf 4’2 V2

26 Apr , 2021  

Morgan Ostermann is a member of F-One America’s Wing Grom Squad. A few days shy of 14-years-old, he’s gravitated to the sport of wingsurfing, and within less than a year, he’s not only learned the fundamentals, but is also boosting massive airs and trying new tricks. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about sizing down to the Rocket Surf 4’2 V2.

What is it about the Rocket Surf 4’2 board that you enjoy so much? 

It’s just so light and maneuverable that you can do anything you want to do on it. Before winging was ever a thing, this board was made for foil surfing. It’s also so light that when you jump, you almost forget anything is attached to your feet — it’s just you, flying.

What was it like sizing down from the Rocket Wing 5’10 to the Rocket Surf 4’2? Did you go straight from the Rocket Wing 5’10 to the 4’2 or did you use something in between? 

First, I went from the Rocket Wing 5’10 to the 5’0. That change made a huge difference in my ability to control the board; my first time with it was the first day I could consistently stay on the foil for as long as I wanted. Then from the Rocket Wing 5’0, I sized down to the Rocket Surf 4’2. The differences were less noticeable but still there. The board is way more sensitive so I notice any tiny mistakes I make in terms of foot position; that’s why I like to use straps so my feet are always in the right position.

What do you think some of the benefits of using a smaller board for winging are? 

Smaller boards can be super beneficial for more controlled turning, jumping and are just less clunky in general.

Are you doing a squat waterstart or are you able to start from kneeling? 

I’m able to start from kneeling just as you would a bigger board.

Does the board sink on your waterstart or does it stay on the surface? 

Yes, the board sinks when I waterstart but sometimes that’s helpful as the board gets under the swell, therefore making it easier to get on.

What are your ideal conditions for riding the Rocket Surf 4’2? 

It definitely has to be a windier day with a bigger wing because it sinks, it’s much harder to get going on than if it didn’t sink.

Are you using the Rocket Surf 4’2 all the time or do you size up for lighter wind days? 

For lighter winds, I use the Rocket Wing 4’8 mostly for safety, as it floats me better so that I don’t get swept out to sea if the wind dies. I also use it to practice my non-strapped tricks as it has a wider deck and precision footwork isn’t as important.

What’s your favorite trick and how does the Rocket Surf 4’2 help you perform it? 

My favorite trick has to be any kind of jumping, and the Rocket Surf 4’2 is so light that when jumping, you forget about the board entirely.

Who do you think the Rocket Surf 4’2 is best suited for? 

This board is perfect for me but I’m almost 14, 5’8 in height and weigh 120 pounds. At 28L, it’s best suited for lighter, smaller people or those who are highly skilled at water starting sinker boards.

Morgan’s Setup: