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SBC Awards BANDIT 7 Most Versatile All-Terrain Kite

25 Mar , 2014  


2014 F-One Bandit VII Review

Mar 12, 2014

SBC Awards – Most Versatile All-Terrain 

Sizes tested: 8, 10m
Suggested retail: 
 $1719; $1819  (8, 10m—complete)
Sizes available:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m

Test Team Report:
The Bandit VII, one of the longest-standing models of the test, is back. It has been the pillar of the F-One brand, and this trend-setting three-strut delta design always produces amazing test results. Test Team riders remark on its ultimate versatility, ease of use and high levels of hooked or unhooked performance for freestyle or waves. The Bandit VII is similar to last year’s model, but this version has a more crisp and light feel, with flying character that’s easy to love right away. The depower is excellent and comes on within arm’s reach, and the Bandit VII has great range and stability through the gusty winds. It doesn’t boost like some of the high-performance massive jumping machines might, but the Bandit VII can hold its own against the other three-strut models. Fast and smooth pivotal turning lets you direct the kite where you want it and when you want it without hesitation or a mushy bar feeling. With some trimming of the kite the Bandit can jump comfortably unhooked, and is perhaps one of the top models for having the ideal combination of light and crisp flying character with reactive steering input and decent slack for unhooked riding and technical freestyle tricks.

The Trade-off:
We had a 10m, and some felt it could have had some added low-end power.

Best For:
Any level of rider who wants a kite that can do it all without barriers in waves or freestyle.

SBC Awards – Most Versatile All-Terrain 

*New F-One bar (not available at time of tests) is being issued for 2014 with a new push-away QR. Learn more about the new QR here.

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