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Recap July 12, 2018: StFYC Thursday Night Kite Race Series

13 Jul , 2018   Gallery

Good night of racing in slightly lighter winds! At the 5:00pm skippers meeting the whole fleet was convinced 9M was the kite, but by 5:15 it was 11M or even 13M. It was a nice break from the winds we have seen since the beginning of June.

Johnny Heineken and Daniela Moroz were notably absent tonight giving a chance for some others to be at the top of the pack. Will Cyr (1,1,1) convincingly took the bullet baton from Johnny taking all three races.

The wind tonight was solid outside, but it figures, inside always carried a left shift but was fickle and holes seemed to appear out of nowhere. The whole fleet starting on starboard meant getting out of the beach pile-up was tricky and involved perfect tack timing. If you could carry in and get the beach lefty you would be set up nicely.

Race one, Joey Pasquali (2,4,9) hit the windward mark first with Will Cyr and Kai Calder (3,5,2) on his tail. The first jibe was a tricky one, the hole came quick and staying on starboard too long was death. Around the bottom gate Will and Joey were glued together and stayed that way through the finish where Will got Joe by inches.

Race two, Joey again hit the windward mark in first, most people jibed right around the mark to stay outside in better pressure. At the bottom gate Will took the outside gate and Joey suffered a little tip flip on the inside gate allowing Will to escape and Stefaans (5,2,3.5) and Seth Besse (6,3,3.5) to get back in the fight. At the finish Will crossed followed by Joey, Stefaans and Seth all inches apart.

Race Three, Will Cyr followed by Kai Calder at the top mark had a runaway race with Stefaans and Seth glued together the entire race. Joey decided to mix things up with a tangle at the start and did all he could to fight his way back. At the finish it was Will and Kai followed by Seth and Stefaans both receiving a 3.5 score finishing too close for the human eye to call. First 3.5 I’ve seen.

All in all, a good night of racing!

1) Will Cyr
2) Kai Calder
3) Stefaans Viljoen
4) Seth Besse
5) Joey Pasquali

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