Raphael Salles “kitesurfing originals” iksurfmag issue NO.42

Check out Raphael Salles in the latest issue of iksurfmag. He is one of the Kitesurfing Originals!! Issue No.42 Available online now!

Source: Iksurfmag

Raphael Salles is one of the the Kitesurfing Originals! Check out the latest issue of iksurfmag available online now!

“kitesurfing originals”

It never ceases to amaze me just how much time Raphael spends on the water testing and riding. He has an insatiable appetite for development that has clearly paid off with some of the designs he has produced. Raphael oversees not only all the kite design and production at F-One, but also the extensive surfboard and twin tip line up. His passion for kitesurfing burns as brightly today as it did all those years ago, he is one of the Kitesurfing Originals! Click below for the full article in issue No.42 of iksurfmag!