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Protect yourself when foiling, wear a helmet and an impact vest

9 Nov , 2015  

With more and more kiteboarders joining the foiling revolution, we want to make sure nobody gets hurt. A foil is not a normal “fin”, it’s long and very sharp and the whole foilboard + foil attached to it carries a lot of momentum when a rider crashes, this is just physics and hydrodynamics at play. Very, very different from your twin tip or your surfboard. If that has not happened to you yet, get ready. With foiling, crash are pretty spectacular. Being high on the water and at those fast speeds, it’s pretty scary at first. You will witness the foil continuing its trajectory,  still going fast even with nobody on it. It’s just a matter of time before you will experience it.

It’s a no brainer to use a helmet on a mountain bike, or for the vast majority of skiers and/or snowboarders. Same for kayakers. And for good reasons. We strongly believe every foiler should wear a helmet at all time. An impact vest is also a very good idea especially if you foil in areas where you don’t need a wetsuit. Your head and you ribs will thank you for that. We are working closely with our ambassadors and team riders so they can promote “safety first”.

Manera is introducing a superb impact vest in its 2016 collection and even though this impact vest has been designed for all kiteboarders in mind, no just foilers, it will be perfect for foilers. Check the 2016 catalog here.


As far as Helmets go, we distribute the brand Ocean Sports. They are most known for their watersports sunglasses, but they make some excellent helmets, with a great drainage system and snug fit. Just what we need for foiling. The Kiteboarder did a review of the Dolphin helmets, check it out here.

Our tester was very happy with the Ocean Dolphin helmet and found nothing to complain about with it. Riders looking for a helmet to use while riding might want to consider the Rhino helmets as both of those models offer more forehead protection than the Dolphin. The comfortable fit, attention to detail, and great Water Drainage System make the Ocean helmets worth a close look if you are considering a new watersports helmet.



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