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Poe WINS APP Surf Tour Gran Canaria

21 Dec , 2018   Gallery

The F-One America is very proud and would like to congratulate Poenaiki Raioha taking the big WIN in Gran Canaria! This was the final stop of the 2018 APP World Surf Tour and one awesome way to finish- looking forward to more from Poe for 2019.

December 16th, 2018
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
APP World Championship Finals


“The wave was perfect.” – Poanaiki Raioha

These are the words used by multiple athletes, to describe what has been truly, one of the finest days of sup surfing in the sport’s competitive history. Perfect, reeling rights with off-shore winds, sunny skies and an ideal amphitheater for crowds to gather and watch the finale to the 2018 APP World Surfing Tour. What a way to wrap up the 2018 season!

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