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17 Feb , 2016  

The 2016 Sunset Beach Pro had some “out of this world” perfect conditions! F-One Poenaiki Raioha, who finished last year 3rd overall, made his way into another final with Caio Vaz, James Casey and Bernd Roedigger. That’s some tough competition on the water with Caio Vaz attempting to defend his current world title.

Kai Lenny had an upset in the Quarter finals getting knocked out by Poenaiki and James. The two moved on to an extremely tough final, conditions were very windy and competitors were struggling to catch waves. There were kitesurfers in the background of the live video feed, that’s just a red flag to how tough the conditions were. Caio Vaz took the win with James Casey in 2nd and Poenaiki finishing 3rd. We’re very proud of you Poe, keep up the good work ! and we look forward to seeing you at the next tour stop.

poenaiki finished 3rd in the 2016 Sunset Beach Pro

photo: Brian Bielmann / Waterman League

photo: Brian Bielmann / Waterman League

poenaiki riding the 2016 F-One Anakao SUP

photo: Waterman League

Poe was riding a 2016 F-One ANAKAO board, to learn more about Poe’s big wave board of choice, Click Here.

Stand Up World Tour interviewed Poenaiki after the event: “Thank you to my sponsors F-One & Manera, I’m happy with my 3rd place finish despite only catching few waves in the final. It was really hard out there, very difficult to find the right wave in the final heat.”

1st – Caio Vaz (BRA)
2nd – James Casey (AUS)
3rd – Poenaiki Raioha (PYF)
4th – Bernd Roedigger (HI)

sunset beach pro heat draw 2016-02-16