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F-One Caribbean Winter 2010

22 Apr , 2010   Gallery

3 months of Caribbean and Bahamian sun, wind and waves

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Manual: F-One 2010 Bandit III

22 Apr , 2010  

All you need to know about your F-One kite Bandit 3


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Bandit 3 – KiteSpain reviews sizes 9 and 11m

21 Apr , 2010  

“Great range and vary stable in gusty winds”


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Frank report on 1st crissy race April 15th

20 Apr , 2010  

Frank is our 2009 grand master kite racing champion of the world and he will be reporting live what’s going on in each of the Cabrinha Series races this season.



Air France is dropping its new kite luggage policy!

20 Apr , 2010  

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestRedditemailPrintI don’t know if you remember but almost a month ago now, I got word from Alex Caizergues that Air France had changed its luggage policy for sports equipment, specifically surf/windsurf/kitesurf equipment and started charging an extra $200 per flight, meaning an extra $400 for a typical round trip! whereas a golfer is totally exempt […]

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Bandit on snow!

19 Apr , 2010  

Etienne Lhote, F-One International rider, was featured in iNSiDEkitemag.


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Randy Hereman reviews the Bandit III

18 Apr , 2010  

“…The difference between the B3 and the Bandit Dos is huge. Now, unhooked, I can make my moves with full power…”

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The Kiteboarder reviews the B3

18 Apr , 2010  

“…fantastic all-around kite if you want something that works well and feels comfortable for a number of different styles and conditions…”

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F-One Demo 3rd Ave April 24/25

18 Apr , 2010  

Thanks to Boardsports, the F-One crew will demo all F-One 2010 gear, kites, twin-tips and surfs at the 3rd Ave. spot in San Mateo, CA

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Manera – Gorgeous new Video from F-One

13 Apr , 2010   Gallery

In February 2010, a massive swell is forecasted in Cabo Verde.


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The Art of Speed Kiting

9 Apr , 2010  

Take an excellent rider, guts, flat water, 30/40 knots winds and a production F-One Bandit Tres. Mix them together. You will get an average speed of 50.98 kts.

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Bamboo ST Advertising

8 Apr , 2010  

This is the all fresh Surf Bamboo ST AD that will be featured in the upcoming issue of The Kiteboarder magazine.