Air France is dropping its new kite luggage policy!

20 Apr , 2010  

FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+PinterestRedditemailPrintI don’t know if you remember but almost a month ago now, I got word from Alex Caizergues that Air France had changed its luggage policy for sports equipment, specifically surf/windsurf/kitesurf equipment and started charging an extra $200 per flight, meaning an extra $400 for a typical round trip! whereas a golfer is totally exempt […]

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Bandit on snow!

19 Apr , 2010  

Etienne Lhote, F-One International rider, was featured in iNSiDEkitemag.


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Randy Hereman reviews the Bandit III

18 Apr , 2010  

“…The difference between the B3 and the Bandit Dos is huge. Now, unhooked, I can make my moves with full power…”

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The Kiteboarder reviews the B3

18 Apr , 2010  

“…fantastic all-around kite if you want something that works well and feels comfortable for a number of different styles and conditions…”

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F-One Demo 3rd Ave April 24/25

18 Apr , 2010  

Thanks to Boardsports, the F-One crew will demo all F-One 2010 gear, kites, twin-tips and surfs at the 3rd Ave. spot in San Mateo, CA

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Manera – Gorgeous new Video from F-One

13 Apr , 2010   Gallery

In February 2010, a massive swell is forecasted in Cabo Verde.


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The Art of Speed Kiting

9 Apr , 2010  

Take an excellent rider, guts, flat water, 30/40 knots winds and a production F-One Bandit Tres. Mix them together. You will get an average speed of 50.98 kts.

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Bamboo ST Advertising

8 Apr , 2010  

This is the all fresh Surf Bamboo ST AD that will be featured in the upcoming issue of The Kiteboarder magazine.