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Photo Contest! Win a F-One Dry Shirt

25 May , 2010  

Submit a personal photo that best captures the F-One lifestyle and you will have a chance to win a F-One Dry Shirt every month.

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2010 F-One Revolt 3, size 13m review

22 May , 2010  

A short recap: great low end, slower than the B3, more stable, awesome relaunching due the delta shape (better than the b3)

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Kiteboarding for Cancer event is around the corner

17 May , 2010  

The annual event will be held July 9/11 in Hood River and F-One Americas will donate a Air Force Surf travel bag + some swags.

Media - Videos

New documentary: The Boys from Ponta Preta

15 May , 2010  

After the F-One Manera video, Mitu, Djo and Matchu are featured in this new documentary. Directed by Thierry Albert and produced by Sophie Ebrard & Pundersons Gardens.

Media - Pictures

REEF Founder Santi Aguerre loves his new TX twin tip

14 May , 2010  

Santi loves his new F-One 2010 TX 136 twin-Tip. He just went to Los Roques in Venezuela and send us back some pics.


2010 F-One TRAX V 136x40cm board review

13 May , 2010  

“I have owned over 15 different boards. This is the smoothest board with incredible pop for freestyle that I have ever ridden.”



Everything you need to kow about the Trax V Design

13 May , 2010  

Raphael Salles is explaining the in and out of the new 2010 F-One Trax 5. Published in the June issue of the Kiteboarder magazine.


F-One Americas Team Riders

13 May , 2010  

Mosaic of all our local, national or international F-One riders. They are all going through a long and arduous vetting process. They very much represent the F-One community in Americas.