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Mitu’ Wave Setup

4 Mar , 2021  

When the swell hits the island of Sal in Cabo verde, you can find Mitu Monteiro, with his setup of choice.


The BANDIT S2 delivers the perfect mix of surf characteristics. 
The kite is incredibly agile and follows your every move thanks to its balanced bar feel. Depower is instantaneous, allowing you to turn freely. 

The turning response of the BANDIT S2 is amazing, even when sheeted out, offering more control over the kite’s position. No need to worry about those back lines tension, the BANDIT S2 has got your back even in on-shore conditions.


Stable and easy to handle, the SHADOW is designed to surf any kinds of waves and conditions. It benefits from a very well-balanced and really intuitive shape. This board is able to carve short turns as well as long and fast curves effortlessly.

It is Mitu’s board of choice in specific conditions. 

The SHADOW will let you charge like never before and will allow powerful vertical turns. Take your surfing skills to the next level. 

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