Mitu back on top at the GKA Kitesurf Stop in Dakhla

Mitu is back in winning form! What a joy to see him where he belongs, on the first place of the podium where he won his world champion title back in 2008!

This event was the second stop of the GKA Kitesurf Pro Tour in Dakhla Morocco. And the F-One team was quite loaded with Mitu + Felippe + Camille + Ismail + Djo. Thursday morning, wind was blowing at 25 knots. Our riders were more than ready to shred. The judging criteria for this event was based on 70% wave riding and 30% freestyle performance.  The main event had started incredibly well with our shredders being all first of their first heats, leading them straight to round 3, except for Djo who got through after an excellent second heat.

Mitu showed a fantastic variety of tricks and his smooth wave riding got noticed and scored very well.  Felippe also qualified for the quarters after impressing the judged with his seamless wave 360s and quickly linked turns.  Ismail, beat Matchu Lopes in round 1, gave everything he had in round 3, landing powered rotations close to shore.  Camille, the most improved rider of this year’s tour was also going through to the quarter finals.  Unfortunately, Mitu and Felippe were against each other in the quarters. Mitu won that heat, sending him to the semis, giving no chance to Felippe to go further.

Felippe + Mitu

Even if Camille and Ismail rode extremely well during the quarter finals, only Mitu was going through to the semi-finals.  Mitu ended-up being against – the man who never lost an event in Dakhla – Keahi de Aboitiz, for this final.  Firing super smooth wave 360s, a 360 board spin as well as an impressive crazy horse close to shore, Mitu MONTEIRO won the battle, where he won his world title back in 2008.