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Manera Wetsuits Spring & Summer models in stock !

9 May , 2016   Gallery

With the arrival a few days ago of the Spring & Summer models of the 2016 MANERA Wetsuits collection, we now have all models available.

If you are still in a cold water area, you will want to stick to our 4/3 or 5/4/3 models, but if it’s getting warmer or you SUP surf, the 3/2 full suit or 3/2 and 3/2 shorties will be perfect. There is a model for everybody and every conditions. Check the full collection. The built and fit of those suits is insane, you need to try them !

We basically have 3 different constructions

  1. the top end MAGMA, super warm with fleece on the inside and N Foam (5/4/3, 4/3 full suit with fleeces inside)
  2. the X10D super stretchy with no fleece on the inside but with N Foam (4/3, 3/2 full suit, 3/2 long sleeves shorty or 2/2 short sleeves shorty)
  3. the Line Up models, using the S foam, still fully taped at a great price (5/4/3 or 4/3 full suit or 2/2 shorty)

magmax10dsize chart

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