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Manera welcomes Pro Surfer Brendon Gibbens to move their vision forward

15 Jan , 2020   Video

Julien Salles, Manera Brand Manager: At MANERA we have always been passionate kiteboarders, surfers, foilers… but since the beginning the core business has been kiteboarding. It’s natural and exciting for us to be able to offer our products to a broader audience and to any person that enjoys their time on the water. MANERA is moving forward its vision to include surfing, with the same passion, philosophy and commitment we are doing every day for kiteboarders, foilers, wingers, SUPers… We believe the customer of the future will be multisport and will have an arsenal of gear in its quiver to adapt to any conditions, in order to spend more time on the water. All our sports are crossing over each other and we believe this is a generational change that is happening right now.

Brendon Gibbens

Today we have announced our first ever surf athlete: Brendon Gibbens. We couldn’t be happier to have Brendon as our first ever surf athlete, he is a great person in and out of the water and his talent deserves to be recognized.

Brendon Gibbens


Brendon Gibbens became accomplished in professional surfing in a humble and pure manner. With a deep love for South Africa and Cape Town, he has his own surf culture and does not really follow a model. His alternative path is undoubtedly the key to his success. Moved by the music, he gives everything at each session in a style which is at the same time both light and powerful. STAY PURE.


AGE 28

HOME SPOT: Cape Town, South Africa

FAVORITE MOVE: Riding waves

DREAM WAVE: My local spots (in Cape Town) when the conditions are good

3 REASONS TO GO SURFINGSurfing is enjoyable, healthy and great way to experience nature



brendon gibbens

“ Surfing can be cathartic, it’s a healthy escape…”

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for surfing? Surfing can be cathartic, it’s a healthy escape from everyday life. It also makes me appreciate nature. I think surfing is special because of those qualities.

You just won the lottery, what would you do first? I’d probably just make sure I’m financially sound. I’d try not to be ostentatious.

Next destination? Hopefully to a wave that’s fun and uncrowded.

“ Hopefully to a wave that’s fun and uncrowded. ”

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced? I visited Iceland a few years ago and was lucky enough to see the ethereal northern lights. It was an otherworldly experience!

What are you doing during a day without waves? Many things. It depends on my to-do list.

Brendon’s favorites products

Manera X10D Steamer

Day Bag – Rugged Collection

Manera 747 wheels