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Manera welcomes big wave charger Justine Dupont to its surfing team

24 Jan , 2020   Video

MANERA is proud to welcome Justine DUPONT to the MANERA Surf Team

Julien Salles, MANERA brand manager: “Justine is an awesome surfer and human being in general, her philosophy and commitment really stick to MANERA values and we are super stoked to have such a character as our women athlete


Justine is a big time wave charger and a really energetic waterwoman, both versatile and a specialist. She’s the surfer who broke all the records; as comfortable on a shortboard as on a longboard or a gun surfboard! She is obsessed with chasing the greatest waves in the world. Justine is passionate about the ocean and nature and also loves adventure and challenges.



HOMESPOT: Nazare, Portugal

FAVORITE MOVE: Bottom turn on a big wave

DREAM WAVE: A very big session at Nazare, glassy without any wind

3 REASONS TO GO SURFING: Spending time in the ocean, looking for sensations, share an adventure.

INSPIRATION: Mike Horn, Julie Gautier & Guillaume Néry, Kilian Jornet,…

FAVORITE MEAL: Chocolate cake!

“ Being in the ocean is always a pleasure ”



Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for Surfing?

I deeply enjoy spending time in nature and feeling surrounded by this unmanageable force, whereas I tend to try to master everything.

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

For that I would have to play. 🙂

For me I am a winner every day, I am happy to live fully my path towards goals that I’m passionate about.

Otherwise, if one day I really win something like this, I’d like to make a move for the planet and future generations.

Next destination? Tahiti to go visiting my brother who has been living there for a few years and of course to discover the wave of Teahupoo!

“ I deeply enjoy spending time in nature and feeling surrounded by this unmanageable force”


What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

In the sense of incredible, in Nazare, I got swept into a whirlpool in the open sea, after coming out of a wave in front of Fred’s eyes. I sank with my board very quickly and very deep and then the ocean released me and fortunately there was no waves following and Fred was there to pick me up. It was hard to believe what happened.

What are you doing during a day without wave?

I’m training to be ready when there are! Being in the ocean is always a pleasure.

Otherwise, I spend time with Fred on the computer, working on future projects.
We have our Youtube channel that keeps us very busy and it’s really a project that motivates us.

Justine Dupont


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