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🎥 Manera – SURF LIBRE

2 Apr , 2020   Video

Watch Dion Agius and Brendon Gibbens as they prove why surfing can be considered as a performing art rather than just a simple sport.

As if addicted to the ocean and the waves, Dion and Brendon have a constant desire to surf. It’s an obsession, a fantasy permanently hidden somewhere inside no matter where they are. It makes surfing sound a lot like a drug.

Paul Gauguin couldn’t get up in the morning without thinking about picking up a paintbrush. He said painting set his soul free from the oppression of living as if it were the only outlet that allowed him to appreciate things. Surfing is their painting.

Surfing is their art. They are the artists of their sport.”

Cinematography: Olivier Sautet & Dave Fox
Edit: Olivier Sautet
Photography: Nick Green

Surfers: Brendon Gibbens / Dion Agius


“One of the best we’ve seen in a while! A beautiful short film that questions the role of art in all its forms into surfing.Special acknowledgement to the first surfing shots as the music gives way to the natural noise of waves and surfers moves, especially airs. It feels good to listen to them surfing.Lifestyle scenes unveil authentic characters while the surfing shots show world class athletes. We wish we could have watched Brendon surf the slab on his backside!” 

“A magnificent film! We can only understand the amount of work achieved at the end, after being continuously amazed watching it.A significant feat in the surf world, where all we can find today is an overload of information, mini clips and buzz, as daily news channels usually do. A world of overconsumption and short attention span that doesn’t take the time anymore.Thank you, thank you to these artists that took enough time so we can simply enjoy watching them.Back to the roots!”

“It’s a debate as old as The Duke himself, whether the act of gliding atop waves on a bouyant slab constitutes as a sport or performance art. For all the (currently unemployed) men and women around the world who sweat and toil in gyms and performance centers toward the end-goal of competitive domination, the answer is clearly sport. But it could be argued that an equal if not larger demographic of surfers see the act as a form of self-expression, which in certain specific cases, could be perceived as art.The video above—a slickly-produced number from our new-to-the-surf-game friends at Manera—makes it painstakingly clear which team Brendon Gibbens and Dion Agius play for, and frankly, theirs is a hard stance to argue.”