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Madeiro Pro Carbon 8’0 first impressions – New size perfect for all-around SUP Surfing performance

25 Oct , 2016  

F-One 2017 Madeiro new range at a glance

Lighting fast accelerations, maximum carving, tight turns off the lip and re-entry… The MADEIRO boards are exceptionally lively under your feet to get the most out of every wave. These are the boards of our pro-team and are developed by our best riders.

Fast and easy to get moving when paddling, the take-off is super quick with instant acceleration down to the bottom turn with a very intuitive carving. These boards offer a perfect longitudinal balance so that you can really focus on the wave instead of worrying with the board.

No need to force or move your feet around to turn the board: everything is natural. It becomes easier to follow the progression of the wave and carve your lines.

The smaller sizes (< 8’0”) are genuine high performance surf boards, very well balanced and especially responsive to perform the most explosive surf. The middle sizes (8’0”, 8’3”) offer a very dynamic behavior with enough volume to let all types of riders express themselves with some progressive and committed surf. The larger sizes (8’5”, 8’8”) are very accessible wave boards with a lot of stability. They remain very responsive in the waves and offer a lot of possibilities for the heavier riders or those less experimented.

All boards come with 5 Futures fin boxes so they can be set both as Thruster or Quattro.

The BAMBOO DECK construction is available sizes from 8’0” to 8’8”. This robust construction has been proven for many years of production and offer a weight to resistance ratio with great reliability. The deck features a layer of bamboo to provide a tough impact and crushing resistance while the many layers of reinforcement on the bottom ensures solid strength.

The PRO CARBON construction is available on the whole range from 6’8” to 8’8”. The deck is built from layers of glass, bamboo and some bi-axial carbon fabrics. The bottom features an HD foam sandwich with glass layers and some bi-axial carbon fabrics. The brushed carbon finish ensures the weight remains minimal.

This construction brings an impressive resistance to the MADEIRO range combined with absolute light weight. These boards feature an amazing strength to weight ratio and remain amongst the highest performing and lightest boards on the market.

For 2017 the range has been expanded with the addition of 6x new sizes in the Madeiro Pro Carbon construction (NEW 6’8, 7’2, 7’5, 7’7, 7’9 & 8’0). The Carbon build will still be available in sizes; 8’3, 8’5 and 8’8 as well.

Madeiro PRO Carbon 8’0” first impressions

Rider: Billy Ackerman, 27 yrs old, 6’ tall – 190lbs

Madeiro Pro 8’0″ x 29″ – 100L – 5 Fin Futures configuration

F-One has continued to shape the range into a true pro performance SUP Surfboard. In previous years I have paddled the 7’7 (87L) or 7’11 (95L) Madeiro SUP boards. For 2017 as the sizes and overall shape has changed a little, I decided to go up in volume and ride the 8’0 (100L) board to be more comfortable. Going to a bigger size I was worried that I would not be able to maneuver the board as well as the 7’7 or 7’11 sizes, but that is defiantly not the case. The Madeiro squash tail is VERY pulled in and thinned out to increase the performance and maneuverability dramatically for a sup surfboard. I really felt as if the 8’0 is the perfect compromise between stability and maneuverability for a 175-195lb advanced paddler. I had no problems putting this board wherever I wanted on the wave face. The Madeiro offers excellent speed and acceleration down the wave that enabled me to make it through quick breaking sections that I usually cannot make it past on my short board surfboard. All tech and specs aside, I highly recommend trying a Madeiro SUP Board if you are looking to gain the upper edge in the surf while still remaining stable and comfortable in any surf conditions. -Billy


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