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MADEIRO 7’11 review “that board knows no limits”

14 Jun , 2013  

Board: F-ONE MADEIRO 7’11”
Rider: Billy Ackerman
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

This is one sharp ride, weighing in at about 16 lbs. This board rips just about any conditions. I’m 190lbs., 6’1” and the 2013 F-One Madeiro 7’11” is my go to board.

Named after a surf break in Brazil, the Madeiro is a full bamboo SUP, top and bottom. At 104 L of volume and 29 inches wide this board has a nice stable feel, perfectly suited for riders over 165 pounds looking to push the limits in the surf. Built with bamboo sandwich technology, this is one of the most durable boards I have used. Every layer of bamboo is reinforced with two layers of fiberglass making for a super reliable, strong board with a perfect strength to weight ratio. With a well-balanced fast rocker line and a nice forgiving flip in the nose; you’re going to be amazed with this board’s performance in small to medium surf.

The Madeiro really knows no limits, I find myself riding this board more than any board in my quiver. Sit back on tail and this thing is one of the fastest and most responsive boards I have ever ridden. Full beveled rails make for a thinner rail profile, reduce the drag and give you a better edge into your turns. The quad fin set up is perfect for this board, giving it tons of drive while still delivering a short board feel. I personally use a Future fins T1 front set with 3.5” rear quad trailers. This set up gives the board the perfect amount of drive yet doesn’t hold the board back from blowing the tail out on a big cutback.

Hands down this is my favorite board to date, with a nice short board outline, double bamboo deck, beveled rails and a super-fast double concave this board is not only a beautiful piece of art, but makes for an amazing high performance SUP perfectly suited for east coast conditions. Go to your local F-One retailer today to learn more on the 7’11” Madeiro.


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