REVIEW: LTD Watersports tests the 17m BANDIT 8 “best light wind kite we have tested for 2015”

A good light wind kite can make all the difference increasing your number of days on the water. The NEW 17 meter Bandit 8 is available now! LTD Watersports says it's "it’s the best light wind kite they have tested for 2015" Check out the full review...

For 2015, F-One added a “light wind” size 17m for the Bandit and LTD Watersports is one of the very first dealer in North America to score one, and here is what they have to say. The 17m was much needed for area with light steady wind conditions.

We had the pleasure to test the First ever Bandit 17m. Had our doubts about any kite bing able to fly in these winds (5-9mph) however the Bandit proved to be the best light wind kite in 2015 that we’ve tested.

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