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Liquid Blue Cabarete’s Complete Guide to Wingfoiling

3 Oct , 2022   Video

Liquid Blue Cabarete’s Charles Osterlund breaks down the wingfoiling progression and shares his favorite tips and tricks that’ll take you all the way from basics on the beach to getting up and wingfoiling on the water.

The Dominican Republic is an amazing country to explore and the North Coast is one of the best spots for learning to wingfoil. If you are new to wingfoiling or just want to continue your progression, Charles and his staff at Liquid Blue Cabarete provide wingfoiling lessons, equipment rental services, and stock all the latest F-ONE gear and Manera accessories.

Make sure to subscribe and follow the Liquid Blue Youtube channel as they release new and relevant watersports content on a weekly basis. If you have any questions about Cabarete, want to book a lesson, or just learn more – contact them directly through their website, WhatsApp, email or social media accounts.

Facebook: Liquid Blue Cabarete
Whatsapp: +1(849)201-8694

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