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Katie’s Interview With Kite Sista Magazine

12 Feb , 2014  

F-ONE Next Generation: Katie Bowcutt

Source: Kite Sista Magazine


We already introduced you to the first one… one of a group of riders who will be the next generation of champions and who are a part of the F-ONE Next Generation team. 

We talked to Javiez one week ago, now it is time to get into the girls side of the story with the talented and inspirational Katie Bowcutt.

KSm: Hi Katie, could you tell us a bit more about you… how old are you? Where are you from? How did you get into kitesurfing and when?

Katie: My Name is Katie Bowcutt, I’m 16 years old, and I’m Dominican-American.


When I was a baby my parents noticed how comfortable and happy I was in the water so from then they started introducing me to the water more, along with starting me in water sports.
When I was five my parents started wakeboarding and they got me into it as well, I was my happiest while on the water, that still hasn’t changed.


When I was six I started surfing, and loved it.
When I was eight my parents decided they wanted a lifestyle change, so they moved our family to the North coast of the Dominican Republic, a little town full of kiters and surfers, named Cabarete. This is where I first fell in love with kiting.

KSm: What made you decide to get more involved in the competition aspect of kitesurfing at such a young age?

Katie: I’ve always been a very competitive person, and how competing makes me push myself more than I usually would. Also, my parents have been the ones to motivate me at such a young age.


KSm: How do you manage to fit in a regular training schedule and at the same be able to follow your normal school commitments? What is a normal day for you?

Katie: Going to an online school helps so much with making time for my training. In a normal day, I will wake up, go for a quick surf session, come home, then do my school work for the next four hours. After that I’ll usually rest for about an hour while waiting for the wind to pick up, which is usually around 1 here. Next I will drive out to the beach, rig up and go kiting, usually for about 2 hours, then I will come home and get a workout with my Dad. At the end of my day I’m always really tired, so getting to bed early is a must.

KSm: You are a part of the F-ONE Next Generation which aims to help young riders improve their riding in the company of young F-ONE riders whilst being coached by Etienne Lhote… how have you found this experience? Do you ever feel that it is sometimes a lot of pressure for a young girl like you?

Katie: I love being part of the next generation team, we are all about the same age, we all get along so well, and its great to have people pushing for you to get better. It is a lot of pressure, but I like it, and I think I handle it well, my parents have taught me since I was a very little, that that is the time where you need to make sure you do well under pressure, and show off a little.


KSm: Which kitesurfers inspire you and why?

Katie: I think the kiters that most inspire me are the locals that I kite with everyday here in Cabarete. They are all so motivated and so talented that I really look up to them. My favorites are Alex Soto, Robinson Hilario, and Nico Suriel. They ride powerfully, and technically, and all go big on the water every time they train, this is exactly what I aim for.


KSm: Do you plan a kite session? Do you set goals for yourself to achieve with with specific tricks to work on or do you prefer to enjoy each session as it comes?

Katie: I plan out everything that I want to achieve in every kite session, whether it’s landing something cleaner, getting something higher, or landing a whole new trick.

KSm: Do you still find the time to just enjoy your time on the water and ride with your friends for fun?

Katie: Sometimes when I’m riding with friends I just play around and enjoy myself instead of training and going hard on the water. Even though those sessions are really fun, I still really enjoy hard core training sessions.


KSm: What do you hope to achieve from your kitesurfing career? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Katie: Unlike a lot of girls in the sport, I do not want to be on the PKRA tour. My goals for kiting is to just have as much fun with it while making sponsors happy, and becoming known for my technicality on the water.


KSm: What other hobbies do you have other than kiting?

Katie: Besides kiting, I love surfing, Stand up paddle boarding, and working out. These things basically take up all my time, and I feel as though they all help me progress in kiting


KSm: which advice would you like to give to young people who like you would like to get more involves in the kitesurf industry and would like to make it into something more than just a hobby?

Katie: For those who would like to make kiting more than just a hobby I think the most useful thing I can say is; be persistent. Nothing is going to come easy that is worthwhile in this industry. You must be persistent on and off the water, and with the people who you work with. This is the key.

KSm: Do you have a secret beauty tips to share with our readers? Any favorite beauty product that you use a lot?

Katie: Sunscreen is a big deal for me, I always wear Lavera sun screen, and it works well for me. Too much sun exposure can really take a toll on your skin and hair. I always treat my hair before and after I get in the water with Lavera conditioner as well. The last thing any kiter girl wants is dry skin, and hair, so taking care of yourself is a must.


KSm: As is traditional to finish we offer you the chance to speak some words of wisdom from your mind to our readers?

Katie: I think if you’re a girl who kites, make sure to encourage, and push your fellow kite sistas. We want girls to be progressive in this sport, and a little help from a peer can really help that. We are a few, and select group, be kind to one another.


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February 11, 2014

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