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Katie Bowcutt Rocks At Punta Cana Kite Jam

21 Feb , 2012  

Katie Wins Both Freestyle and Speed at the 2012 Punta Cana Kite Jam!

Katie Bowcutt at the 2012 Punta Cana Kite Jam

Katie Bowcutt, 14, won the women’s division of both freestlye and speed 2012 Punta Cana Kite Jam. She was excited to be invited and looks forward the next contest. She will be competing in the Cabarete Cup in march of 2012. She expects to compete against kiters from 8 or 9 countries.

F-One is proud to sponsor such a strong and enthusiastic competitor and wish Katie  great success in the Cabarete Cup in March 2012.
Katie Bowcutt is sponsored by:

F-One Kites (These kites and this gear rocks!)
Lavera Organic Cosmetics (My skin looks great)
Airbound Apparel (Always cool) (Best service, wide selection)