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Katie Bowcutt loves her new school ACID twin-tip

3 Apr , 2013  

Katie is a young 16 year old grom based in the Dominican Republic, and is just back from Dakhla in Morocco where she attended the F-One Next generation training camp. You can check out the video here:

The Board Review:

When I opened the box, I was impressed with graphics and the new look. The manufacturing looked very similar in its design as the 2012 Acid however this board was longer and wider than my 2012 acid. When I assembled the Board with its fins and straps I noticed that the straps were slightly more adjustable and fit my smaller feet better than last year. The fins fit perfectly and were easy to install and I liked the way they locked into place. The packaging was also really good for export shipping and everything arrived in perfect condition.

The F-One Acid 2013 is made for New school Freestyle, me! The board is short and wide. I love the pop that i can get, the double concave helps with absorbing vibration on impact and landing. It feels much more responsive under my feet. My tricks have gotten bigger and I am sure that this is from the board. The easy release when popping off the water is incredible. It performs well with the kite in a low position so matches up great with my Bandit 6 quiver. Also I thought it rode a straight upwind tack smooth and easy. The board is super lightweight for its size. When they say energy diffusion they really mean it, this board feels great and seems to have built in shock absorption. It defuses the spray and pushes the water out and away for the rider.

I really tried to better understand the technology and become more knowledgeable about the industry and the key words used for different design features. It all came together for me once checking at all other reviews and putting my own together based on my water feeling and notes. I am really impressed with what has been put into this board and no wonder it is so well liked. I love mine !.