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Josh Riccio WINS The IMUA Stock Class

9 May , 2018   Gallery

Great win for F-One Team Racer Josh Riccio! The wind was pretty light for Maliko run standards but there was just enough wind on Saturday to create some small bumps making it faster than last weekend’s Olukai race. The Olukai race was 8.5 miles and took me approximately 80 minutes to complete, while the IMUA race was 10 miles and took the same amount of time to complete. Josh was racing the F-One 14′ x 23.5″ Race Pro!

Top-3 Mens 14′ SUP

Josh Riccio (1:22:41)
Ryan Funk (1:27:09)
Bernd Roediger (1:29:32)

Recap, photos and results from the 2018 Bluesmiths Paddle IMUA:

Paddle IMUA Photos taken by Johan at!