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Introducing the VOLT | F-One FREERIDE kite

31 Jan , 2011  

Added to our 2011 Catalog section.

The VOLT is a lot more than a school kite, this kite benefits from 4 years of DELTA C-SHAPE R&D. 3 struts, one pump, original DELTA C-Shape… it combines all the qualities of the Bandit IV to the easiness of use of the Revolt. The VOLT will be released alongside the all new NEXT board in an attractive package. The NEXT is an evolution from the Fluid and 50PRO, with significant gains in smoothness and control thanks to a new concave and the same 2011 board accessories you can find on more advanced boards (Unibox Asymetrical Fins + Platinium Pads & Straps).

Both products will be available in the VOLT PACK.

These products will be available in April.


New reinforcements on the leading edge. Allows the leading edge’s seams to not damage the spi fabric when the kite rubs on a hard surface. In navigation, the VOLT gives you confidence because it provides an early and progressive traction during the first meters with a constant power that you can kill at any time. Controlling your speed and keeping your trajectory is excellent. The VOLT fits all wind conditions and has an exceptional range. Thanks to its three struts, the kite is light. The bar control is precise in order to feel the kite tension and its position in the air, but it’s also very forgiving to riders mistakes.

Because of its Delta C-Shape concept, the navigation is fluid with a predictable flight behavior. It’s also very stable and offers a fast and efficient auto-relaunch.

– 3 struts
– Lines setup identical to Bandit 4
– One pump
– Shorter EVO bridles to optimize relaunch and safety
– Reinforcements


In sizes 135cm 140x40cm and 140x42cm

The NEXT is the ultimate freeride board. It adapts to all conditions of wind and sea. Comfortable and forgiving, it offers a quick and fast planning but then retains a reasonable top speed. With its ability to go upwind and always under control, it is suitable for all freeride riders as well as beginners.

The large sizes 145 and 150 are specialized boards for ultra light wind. Excellent for quick planning and performance you’ll be the first on the water!

With the Unibox fins system and their Response fins, gliding and edging is natural and effortless.

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