Introducing New F-One VOLT2 Freeride Kite

F-ONE VOLT 2  Freeride kite will be landing in our warehouse at the end of this month.

  • Directly inspired from BANDIT V technology: 3 smaller struts, one pump, 2 back line positions, new strut construction, reinforcements…
  • Lighter, with higher performances than the previous edition, the VOLT 2 still remains slower than the B5, with more bar pressure, more delta than the B5 for easier relaunch, extended range and an impressive hang time
  • Upgraded with fresh graphics, the VOLT 2 is F-One all around kite for all levels.
  • VOLT 2 will benefit from F-One international media coverage.
  • VOLT 2 bar, cheaper than the Airlite bar, is compatible with the Bandit, and vice versa.
  • VOLT 2 will come in two different packs with two new boards this year (Performance package with Unik 136 and Progressive package with Next 140)

Click the catalog here to see bar, bag, color schema and more.

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