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Awesome first sessions with the new GRAVITY 1200/1400 SURF/SUP Foils

5 Oct , 2018   Gallery

Surf Foil CA Road Trip

The F-ONE GRAVITY 1400 wing is ideal to learn how to surf foil, enjoy the smallest waves and also venture on a downwinder.

– Low speed take-off
– Very stable
– Superior glide
– Carbon front wing and rear stabilizer
– 65cm mast height

Area: 1400 cm3
Aspect Ratio: 4.3

Design targets ease of use to surf and carve some lines:
– Early lift for take-off
– Easy entry into the turns for some intuitive lines
– Perfect maneuverability allowing sharp turns
– Total speed control to master your surf

Targeted at people who want a wing to foil on a variety of waves from small and mellow to taller and faster.

Very fluid through the turns, allowing to draw tight or long curves with good speed control and good pumping to go after the next wave.

v2 1400 Wing First Impressions

  • Tyler Conroy V2 1400“To be honest I was hesitant to try this wing. I felt like it would be too elementary or not very maneuverable. I was certainly wrong! This wing was definitely the most stable and maybe slightly slower than the 1200 but it still maneuvered very well and felt incredibly sturdy.”
  • Billy Ackerman V2 1400“This wing is great! Right away notice that the foil lifts and takes off at a much slower operating speed. It is more stable than the 1200 and is much, much more forgiving with foot placement and shuffling of the feet while on foil. I was shocked with how comfortable and stable the take off’s felt on the v2 1400.”


Tyler Conroy ripping the Gravity 1200

The F-ONE GRAVITY 1200 wing is entirely dedicated to surfing on a foil.

– Easy progressive lift
– Maximum maneuverability
– Perfect balance between speed and turning
– Carbon front wing and rear stabilizer
– 65cm mast height

Area: 1200 cm²
Aspect Ratio: 3.2

V2 1200 Wing First Impressions

  • Tyler Conroy V2 1200“This wing is very smooth like a more refined version of the V1. Easy pumping and turning through steep sections. This wing felt a bit more sensitive to foot placement. That being said my feet are usually in a good spot and I felt that this wing/mast combo helped to improve my foiling. I think this is a great wing for advanced riders that are going to be riding waves over knee high. Anything smaller and it is difficult to get going. Overall really stoked and favorite wing set-up for sure.”
  • Billy Ackerman V2 1200“Feels more stable and not as “jumpy” and the v1. the new v2 1200 Has a more refined feeling with similar lift and foiling speeds. The maneuverability felt like the v1 with a more security and stability, quick accelerations and radical turning ability’s.”

Gravity 1200 and 1400 side by side

1200 in the foreground, 1400 in the background




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