Introducing F-One SUP RANGE |

4 May , 2011  

After more than 3 years of development, we are very happy to present the F-ONE STAND UP PADDLE range.

Our objective is to offer high end and innovative products that are on par with the other F-One products such as our Delta kites, Twin-Tips and Bamboo Surfboards.

Short but stable boards, our SUP range and shapes are geared toward the largest number of riders. This sport evolves constantly, our current shapes are what’s best on the market today and will evolve with the sport.

Boards: The current board range is declined in 6 boards with 4 technologies:
• DOUBLE BAMBOO (deck + bottom)
• CARBONE/BAMBOO on Race board

Paddles: 2 ranges, PEAKS & BATTLES, declined in 3 constructions:
– VARIO 20% carbon.
– 70% Carbon.
– 100% Carbon.

Boards and paddles have been developed in close collaboration with our Race and Wave International team, currently in La Torche (France) for a stop of the world SUP championship.

You will find all the details on the range on our Web site:

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