Intriguing Beings with Rou Chater | Sea 2 Ep 10 with Raphael Salles

29 Jan , 2020   Video

Source: iKsurfmag Podcast – Season 2 Episode 10 – Raphael Salles

 This week I’m sitting down with waterman, businessman and legend Raphael Salles. Raph heads up F-One, the watersports brand that makes gear for kitesurfers, surfers, paddle boarders and foilers.

Raph has a passion for the ocean that I haven’t seen in many people, he can literally spend 8 hours a day testing the gear he makes. I can’t think of anyone else who does that in the industry, especially when you consider he does that for over 300 days a year! No wonder a lot of the F-One product is highly regarded!

We talk about all sorts of subjects, from his early day’s in the water to setting up and starting his own company from scratch. It’s an interesting and inspiring conversation which I am sure you will enjoy!

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