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IKSURFMAG: Charles Brodel Interview

10 Feb , 2022  

Source: IKSURFMAG Issue 91

With a one-of-a-kind riding style and a KiteFoil Freestyle World Tour Championship in the bag, 23-year-old Charles Brodel has a bright career ahead of him. In Issue 91 of IKSURFMAG’s ‘The Interview’, Crystal Veness asks Charles about his riding background, perspective on kite foiling, gear of choice, and what makes his style so unique!

Foil kites and boards seem to be your weapon of choice! Was it always that way or did you start kiting on different types of equipment?

I started with an inflatable kite but quickly changed to a ram air (foil) kite. Using a foil with a ram air kite is the most efficient way to go very fast and very high even with poor wind conditions. I’m a big fan of the F-One Halo which I find has almost the same maneuverability as an inflatable kite but with much higher lift and hang time and that’s a must for my riding style.

Which kites and boards are currently in your quiver? What kind of conditions would lead you to take an inflatable kite out over a ram air kite?

I always have my 10m and 15m Halo (ram air kite) with me wherever I go. The power and maneuverability offer high speeds and record-breaking hang time, precisely what I need for my aerial practice. As soon as the wind gets too strong, I use the Bandit XV (7m or 9m). My go-to board is the Pocket Carbon in 120cm, which is compact and perfect for rotations. It is light and rigid which gives me good support and precise control of the foil. My favorite foil is the Escape Carbon 530 which offers a fast glide, excellent handling and stability on my landings.

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Charles’ Go-To Gear

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