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Huge container vessel loses more than 1800 containers, hundreds damaged

8 Dec , 2020  

Maybe some you have already heard of this ocean accident in the news, a huge container vessel named the ONE APUS that lost more than 1800 containers in the pacific; something of that scale is unheard of. And unfortunately, two of our inbound containers that should have arrived in our warehouse in the next several days were on that vessel. At this time, we don’t know if our containers are lost or if they are still on the vessel and/or intact. The ONE APUS vessel turned around and is now docked in Japan. Big bummer for us, our dealers, our customers and let’s not forget our beloved ocean. This has been a crazy year on so many levels, so we will overcome this and I’m convinced it will turn out to be just a hiccup. We already have replacement products lined up and ready to ship to the west coast. -Nicolas Ostermann, Bay Area Kitesurf

The battered ONE Apus moored at the port of Kobe yesterday. The full scale of the box spill that occurred eight days ago came into view properly for the first time.

Ocean Network Express (ONE) estimates that 1,816 boxes fell into the ocean during a storm as the Japanese-flagged ship crossed the Pacific to California last week. Of the 1,816 units lost, 64 contained dangerous goods, including fireworks, batteries and liquid ethanol.

As well as the lost boxes, there are thousands that have fallen on deck as these social media images taken today clearly show. Cargo claims are expected to top $50m from the accident, the worst container loss since 2013.