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How to launch a kite from a boat

3 Mar , 2010  

Received from F-one rider Ryan Lamb:

I tried this technique out – launching off the boat – it was great!
This was shot at Anegada, a small island 14 miles from Tortola BVI. It’s a great place to kite. Just around the corner from the pictures, where I was headed, there was northeast swell and waves to be had.
Let’s Kite!

More about launching from a boat from Vali DC Kites:

– The trick is to connect the lines before you actually are on the boat. You should also inflate the struts before.

– Wrap your lines till you get to the kite.

– Fold the kite (roll)towards the middle.

– Put the wrapped lines on the top.

– Tight the harness over the lines and bar so the bar won’t slide and get messed up while you are sailing.

– Once you get to the launching place: Inflate the kite, the rider jumps on the water, unrolls the line and then you can follow the sequence on the pics.