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How to Choose Your Kite?

28 Oct , 2022  

At F-ONE, our mission is to provide our customers with the most intuitive ride. Intuitive means that you don’t have to think to perform. For this 2023 kite collection, our R&D team worked extensively on sail engineering to guarantee better load management and a perfect control of the kite’s shape no matter the conditions.

Each kite was carefully thought-out, so every rider only has to focus on enjoying the moment, while the kite behaves exactly how we designed it to. Here is our guide to help you choose your F-ONE kite. Ultimately, your decision will vary depending on your chosen program, skill level, and the wind strength.

Range presentation & programs

We offer seven inflatable kites and two Ram air kites, covering all disciplines, conditions, and an extensive wind range.

We have been designing kites since April 1998. Over the years, we have learned that design and fabric choices are only one step to building a disturbance-free kite or wing. The key is to analyze and understand load tensions to better control our design and its behavior while flying.

That is done through sail engineering. Over the last few months, the BANDIT, BANDIT-S, TRIGGER and BULLIT all benefited from this comprehensive research.

Our R&D team focused on three main points: load control paneling and warp tension line, new and original staggered seams, and fabric weight management. These guarantee a profile as smooth as ever for even more efficiency, stability, and sharper performances.

…the BANDIT & the TRIGGER?

…the TRIGGER & the BULLIT?

…the BANDIT & the BANDIT-S?

…any of these kites if you want to kite foil?

…an inflatable kite and a RAM kite?

All the questions above are answered here:

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